Door-to-Door International Relocations

Talk to us about a complete, professional relocation service from/to the UK to/from any destination around the globe. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. Or ichi, ni, san in Japanese.

1) Get our onsite survey and a free quote

Call or email us and one of our team members will arrange to come over to your home on a convenient day and time. We will evaluate the volume and weight of the items you would like moved. (Do allow about an hour for the survey and any questions you might have for our bilingual consultants.)

Topics to be discussed with you:

  • Suitability of shipment by air or sea
  • Packing and delivery schedules
  • Available packing materials including made-to-order wood crates for very fragile items
  • Access routes especially at your destination
  • Details of insurance policy (all-risks, lump sum)
  • Short, medium, long-term storage (if required)
  • Pet transport
  • Vehicle shipment with advice on specific rules & regulations of the destination country
  • Transportation of heavy items such as pianos, safes etc.
  • Packing and shipment of fragile or precious articles such as paintings, China etc.
  • Items to be discarded (we can help take care of any type of garbage)

You will also find out about customs clearance processes and the documents you need to have ready on the packing day. If you have any specific questions about your destination country or city, do let us know and our extensive network of experts can help you with vital information.

Our quotation will follow shortly. If you have any questions about it or have any further requests, do let us know.

2) Confirm your order for packing and pick-up

Once you confirm that you would like to use our services via our Order Confirmation Form, we will book and confirm a date for your packing.

If there are any items you’d rather pack yourself, we can provide cartons as soon as you need them and sorting stickers (clearly labeled ‘air’, ‘sea’, ‘stay’ or ‘rubbish’). Otherwise we will pack everything on the agreed packing day and send it for loading onto the airplane and/or vessel.

3) Shipment and delivery

We will keep you informed about the estimated arrival time (ETA) of the vessel/airplane at your destination.

Once your goods go through customs clearance, we will set up and confirm a convenient day/time for you to accept your delivery at the agreed destination. Our team will dispatch your belongings, set up furniture and carton boxes in the rooms you requested and also re-assemble furniture for you.

We can also set up your TV or music system. If the set-up is a complex one, we will provide you with the contact details for a local expert (fees apply.) What’s more, we’ll ensure that all the rubbish is cleared – so you can just relax and start enjoying your new home.

Self-pack option

If you’re on a budget, we offer a self-pack option. You will receive cartons ahead of the pick-up day, so you can pack your belongings yourself. We will take care of collection, storage and overseas delivery anywhere in the world. For more information, talk to one of our team members in English, French or Japanese.

Storage solutions

You might need short, medium or long-term storage along the way – either at your original location or at your destination. We can provide flexible and affordable options to suit your needs and budget. Do ask for a quote tailored to fit your requirements.

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